Welcome to Synagila!


It is with a huge pleasure that I announce the creation of Synagila, as the result of several months of work.

Throughout my career as a web developer, I had opportunities to explore many fields of application: e-learning, e-commerce, content management, talent management… After an enriching experience at CrossKnowledge, both technically and humanly, I decided to create Synagila to harness my skills, while continuing my search for new experiences.

These years enabled me to put into practice the concept of agility, as in project management methods as a working philosophy. Also, I noticed that the best solution to a problem is often the simplest. On the other hand, technical progress knock out more and more constraints over time, making the Web accessible to more users. It is combining all these elements that I forged my own vision and Synagila’s: to build a straightforward Web, accessible to everyone.

I am very excited to begin this adventure. Feel free to follow its evolution on social networks, by following the links at the bottom of the page.