Web 3.0

Since its inception in 1990, the Web has undergone many revolutions.

The most important one is certainly the appearance of the social web, commonly known as Web 2.0, by the advent of blogs, forums and social networks. These accessible tools offer to everyone the opportunity to no longer be mere consumers of content but in turn become contributors with blog posts, photos, videos, podcasts or simple comments.

Semantic Web

Today is a new revolution that is underway. The computer is not the only Internet access tool. Smartphones and tablets have now become essential and new kinds of connected objects are coming out: watches, glasses and even clothing. Their number could be quadrupled by 2018. These new ways of using the web as well as the increasing amounts of data produced provide new opportunities to create new knowledge through the exchange and the processing of these data.

Connected objects, semantic web and big data are the key bricks of Web 3.0. The Internet of the future is already there and Synagila gets involved with its process of technological intelligence and innovation.