The project life cycle


The design phase is essential in achieving your project because it sets up the strong foundations on which to base your solution.

In order to work together, we must first know yourselves, the way you work, your processes and the vision of your business.

Next, we define the goals of your project based on your requirements, what needs to be improved, technical constraints and ergonomics.

Finally comes the specification drafting phase that leads to an accurate estimate of workload required to complete the project and of its cost.



Unlike old school IT companies that establish the overall development planning at the beginning of the project, we subdivide it in short iterations. At the end of each iteration, we inform you about the progress of the project.

Those regular reports also allow you to notify us of any change in your requirements throughout the development, to include the new specifications before the associated tasks are carried out. Thus, expenses remain under control because the risk to observe that a part or the whole solution does not match your requirements after delivery – while you paid – is virtually non-existent.

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Quality assurance

During the design phase, a complete test plan is written for each feature of your solution. Each component is rigorously checked before delivery.

The solution is then made ​​available to you in a pre-production setup so that you can begin to take it in hand and make final adjustments prior to final production.

Test plan


Because your business keeps growing, your solution may need to evolve in the future to fit your new requirements. For this reason, all the work done is documented throughout development to be able to take over your project and to get rid of painful reverse engineering, whether you decide to work with Synagila again or another provider.

Synagila also provides a user-oriented documentation of your solution and can, if wanted, provide training for you and your co-workers.